Why use an event app?


At Splash, we don’t see an Event App as a shiny, new, nice to have at a large corporate event, we see it as a must have, an essential tool. And here are seven reasons why…

The latest information

Gone are the days where you print off lengthy agendas to stuff into large badges, only for them to be void the minute a speaker changes or a session is swapped. Having the agenda available on an event app allows for real time amendments, so everyone is up-to-date all of the time. Plus, no paper inserts weighing your badge down.


It’s environmentally friendly

We’ve touched on the abolishment of paper agendas already for their lack of function, but the benefits on the environment are also huge! That’s a lot of waste saved, contributing to your social responsibility goals as a brand.

Communicating with your delegates

Event apps allow you to send push notifications directly to the delegates phones. Whether it’s a reminder for a transfer pick-up, an announcement that a session is about to begin or request for a delegate to visit the help desk. Push notifications can be targeted to specific groups or individuals and serve as an important tool in ensuring your delegates are informed.


Event apps enable conversation outside of the physical networking floor. Delegates, whatever their attendee type, can create profiles, send each other messages, schedule meetings, all before they’ve even stepped inside the event.

Interactive content

We have seen a huge increase in content interaction due to live polling and gamification facilitated via an event app. For example, at an internal event for Panasonic, we used gamification to create a point scoring, motivational challenge that got everyone involved. It encouraged face-to-face interaction and increased the enjoyment of the entire event.

Get social

Social media functions allow your delegates to reach out onto their social media platforms directly from the app, giving you more control over the suggested content that is shared and hashtags used.


We feel that gaining feedback from your delegates is vital, but how often are paper feedback forms returned? Sending out a push notification and allowing delegates to complete feedback within the app is much easier for the user, which guarantees you a better response rate.

Event apps really do allow the delegates to have all the information they need for their entire experience with you right there in their pocket!

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