Using innovative solutions to take Blue Prism World on Tour

Darling Island, Sydney. A beautiful walk to the venue.

Darling Island, Sydney. A beautiful walk to the venue.

Splash Event Solutions have just completed the management of two events for the robotic process automation leader Blue Prism, taking their #BluePrismWorld events on tour – to Sydney and San Francisco. First stop was Darling Island in the heart of Sydney followed by a stint at Parc 55 on the famous Union Square in San Francisco.

After successfully winning and running the original Blue Prism World events in London and New York this summer, Splash were enlisted to replicate the achievements of the first two events. With experience behind them, Splash were able to not only duplicate the success, but also work on ways to improve the experience for all stakeholders involved.

The first enhancement made by the team was to introduce an online sponsorship portal. “We noticed the first time around that large amounts of time by both sponsors, ourselves and Blue Prism, was spent ensuring that sponsors had booked their packages, extras and relevant staff passes and had all the documentation needed in order to exhibit at the event.” says Event Director Becky Miller. “We saw this as an opportunity for development, so we used our innovative registration system to create a streamlined and easy to use online sponsorship portal for the Sydney and San Francisco events.”

The sponsorship portal allowed a pre-determined selection of sponsor staff to be invited to the event. During the registration process, the defined ‘group lead’ was able to allocate staff passes, select the company’s sponsorship package, choose extras, download and upload event documentation and make full, secure payment. The process was invaluable for all involved, making for a more efficient process.

It's showtime!

It’s showtime!

Another enhancement the Splash team introduced at the San Francisco event was to dedicate a role to show calling, managing the creation and live production of the presentations. “We felt that, although the presenters were all extremely experienced and well rehearsed, there would be a benefit for further direction to take some of the organisational pressure away from the presenters, enabling them to focus on what they are there to deliver.” Says Becky, who worked closely with the executive team to ensure the live sessions ran smoothly. This service included the creation of a speaker’s handbook, which was distributed pre-event so presenters were familiar with the AV and support available to them before arriving on-site. Splash then worked with the speakers to ensure all presentations, videos and any demos were submitted on time before offering expert assistance during the live event.

Both events, attended by over 600 delegates, were a huge success with positive feedback gained from all involved.

Tania Morris-Trinder, Global Head of Alliances Marketing for Blue Prism added “After the huge success of London and New York, we were thrilled to take the Blue Prism World event on tour to Sydney and San Francisco. Splash were instrumental in helping us address unprecedented customer and partner demand within these additional markets to share best practices, interactive sessions, visionary keynotes and network around the future of the automated workforce. Splash’s dedication, attention to detail and creative thinking allowed us to replicate the success of the first two events and enhance the experience for all involved.”

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