Splash Spotlight – Hayley

Splash Spotlight – Hayley

team photo HayleyHayley has been working at Splash as Registration Event Manager since the start of 2015. A mother of two, Hayley has enjoyed a fast-paced 15 year career in high-end events, even finding the time to complete a Open University degree along the way! Hayley’s passion for event management started with a role as an Event Assistant for a global agency, which saw her quickly promoted to Event Manager and then Senior Event Manager during her time there. Next, Hayley moved onto the world of exhibitions where she managed a team of 8 Event Managers and 4 Admin Support Staff. After having her son Stanley, Hayley kept her toe in the event waters, freelancing her accomplished Event Management skills at various major events in the Technology sector. Now, with Stanley at school and her daughter Eadie of pre-school age, Hayley has returned to the the dynamic career she knows and loves.


What is a typical day like for you in the Splash Office?

Fast paced, often crazy, but always humorous. I can typically be found with my head in a spreadsheet when I am not building a registration website.

And onsite, what does your role entail?

Smiling – a lot! I’m in the front line when it comes to delegates, managing the event Help Desk. I am the face they see if they have any queries or concerns, or if they simply want to double check their booking details.

Why do you think Registration Management is key to a successful event?

Once a delegate has made the decision to attend an event, Registration is the first process they experience. It is essential that their journey is smooth and efficient. Every event we undertake has a dedicated Help Desk to respond to delegate queries pre event, and it is often the same person who mans the Help desk onsite when the event is live, giving us the opportunity to meet individuals face to face. Building rapport with delegates is key, I believe at Splash we inherently view delegates as ‘people’ rather than names on a spreadsheet which is essential to providing the best service. From a client perspective, our offering is bespoke. Every registration portal we build is unique to the needs of the specific event. Regular reporting gives the client insight into registration trends and highlights any requirement to further market the event.

2015 was a busy year in your new role, what were your highlights?

2.5k delegates registered online using our registration tool in 2015. That blows my mind as I would have been in contact and/or met most of them face to face. Travelling to Abu Dhabi and China in the same year were my highlights.

How about challenges? Did 2015 throw you any obstacles to overcome?

Every registration brief presents obstacles and challenges which is what makes this role so great. Problem solving, reworking ideas, posing alternative scenarios. This is what keeps us inspired and engaged – bring on the challenges!

What motivates you to be successful in your role?

We are a small, efficient team, we are very proud of our achievements and we each have our role to play. Like cogs in a wheel, links in chain, we all work hard for each other and the success of the event.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 10 days in Bali!!!!!

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