Kicking off in Cardiff

Splash have had the pleasure of managing the 2018 Sales Kick-Off for Panasonic’s Toughbook brand for the second consecutive year this April.

IMG_0324 3We were back at Cardiff City Hall where we invited the team to arrive as Camp Mates to Panasonic’s very own F.I.T Camp – complete with dog tag name badges, branded sports giveaways and an agenda to work up a sweat!

Using the brand’s own moto Fast, Innovative and Together (F.I.T) with ‘boot camp’ theming, we created an event that saw ‘Camp Mates’ use our bespoke app to score ‘energy points’. These energy points were awarded via various fitness and brand related quizzes, questions and session interactions, set by Splash’s onsite persona of ‘The Mindful Gurus’. Camp Mates competed to become the F.I.T Camp champion. The in-app challenge created a huge buzz and reinforced the theme in an interactive and motivational way, increasing participation across the entire event.

The F.I.T Camp theme continued into the keynote with a ‘Rocky’ inspired opening video and 80’s video game slides. The App was used again for live polling and Q&A sessions.

After any heavy workout session, everyone deserves a cheat night… so F.I.T Camp concluded with a party night complete with dancing head video booth and a selfie mirror with fitness props to capture their transformations. The night concluded with the entire team on the dance floor.

Alongside the theming and venue branding, Splash provided our usual high standard of event registration and logistics, organising everything from bespoke event website design and online registration process to booking hotel rooms and transfers. We created unique PowerPoint design, show production and executed venue liaison, catering management and onsite management to ensure the entire event ran smoothly.

Reflecting on the event, Jan Urban, Senior Manger for European Marketing said – We have even improved over last year which was already fantastic. So I really appreciate all your hard efforts and engagement to give us the best service in Cardiff.”

We have really enjoyed working with the Toughbook team again this year and are thrilled to have received such positive feedback.


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