GDPR – We’re getting prepared!

It’s the hot topic of the moment, on every marketing forum and online group – GDPR! What will the new regulations mean for us in the event industry? It’s a question we turned to the experts to for guidance.

Firstly, what is GDPR? 

GDPR is the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. Its aim is to improve the rights and controls that citizens in the EU have over how their data is used. The new regulations will come into force on May 25th and there are new, heftier fines in place for those who are not compliant.

How will this affect us in the event industry?

To deliver outstanding events we rely on detailed personal data. It’s what allows us, as expert event organisers, to customise an experience to an individual accordingly. From ordering food to specific dietary requirements to taking flight details to book individual transfers, it’s our job to ensure that arrangements are made for each specific person, for their exact requirements. Simply, we need data – personal data, to do our jobs.

The biggest changes for our industry will be ensuring that we collect, store and process this data correctly and that we give the person easy access to view, amend and remove the data we hold.

We’re proud to say that we have been working with a GDPR consultant to ensure we meet these new regulations! We have been guided through our processes and procedures to ensure we are working within the new GDPR so we can continue to offer a service that is fair, safe and trustworthy.

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