Financial Planning

“This was the first year in our history that we handed full budget responsibility to an event management team. Our trust was not misplaced. We would like to say a huge thank you for bringing the event in below budget and achieving savings never achieved before and managing the contractual situation so diligently. We will continue asking you to look after our budgets to see if you can keep saving us money ! Thanks again and we look forward to meeting up to discuss the next EMEA event soon”


 Senior Marketing VP – Europe

Where other agencies might outsource contracts to solicitors, or rely on an accountant unfamiliar with their client and the inner workings of the events industry, we have that expertise in-house. As part of our event management service, we create a bespoke budgeting model which tracks expenditure throughout the planning process, so we can deliver your event on budget without fail.


We’ve managed events with multi-million pound budgets, so you can rest assured we’ll negotiate hard on your behalf to deliver savings wherever possible and add value to every deal. Our in-depth knowledge of corporate contracts prevents you being signed into costly or detrimental agreements, potentially saving your business huge sums of money. This is another example of how Splash truly integrate as part of your team, you can trust us to have your best interests at the forefront of all discussion making.


We also have the ability to work in a number of different currencies. Our budgeting model will encompass any currency that’s needed, no matter where in the world your event is taking place. We always trade in local currencies to protect our clients against exchange rate fluctuations.


Please note, we don’t charge extra for financial planning – it is built into our management fee as standard.