Attendee Management

“You are the best event team I’ve ever come across – professional, fun and ‘customer comes first’ mentality. Your attention to detail is amazing, you see a big picture, you don’t settle for mediocre, you challenge and improve things, and best thing of all – common sense always prevails”


Yulia Gillingham, EMEA Program Training & Events Manager

The complex process of attendee management centres on ensuring everybody who is attending your event – from our crew and suppliers to your delegates and staff – has all the information they need to get the most out of the experience.


Branded HTML Communications 

Thanks to our first-class registration processes, we are able to create personal joining instructions, relevant to each attendee, detailing everything from airport transfers and dress codes, to personal itineraries, meaning you can relax knowing your delegates are fully informed.


Event Apps

An innovative way to keep attendees informed is by using an Event App. Our bespoke designed Event Apps allow attendees to carry the agenda, venue floor plan, transfer information – in-fact anything they could possibly need to know about the event, in their pocket.

We offer a unique Event App design service to other App companies, as we are able to use our expertise and experience in events to hone the features and technology on offer to best suit the needs of event attendees.

Not only are Event Apps essential for attendee information, they are also a vital tool in attendee engagement. Functions such as social media sharing, delegate direct messaging and contact sharing with sponsors allows the conversation to continue long after the PowerPoint in the plenary session has ended. Our Event Apps also encourage interaction with ‘ask the speaker’ and gamification functions, encouraging audience participation in a fun and interactive form.


RFID Scanners 

Should you require it, we can also use QR codes to transmit data during an event and RFID scanners to help you analyse how attendees spent their time.