All Aboard for Innovative Technology

Splash was delighted to work with one of the world’s leading providers in the technology industry this February, delivering their Integrated Systems Networking Event in Amsterdam for the 5th consecutive year.

The annual event for 300 people allows the client to facilitate an evening of networking between their valued customers and twenty-two partners, showcasing the use of their technology across a range of innovative products.

This event is always a highlight for the Splash team as they enjoy the challenge of making the evening bigger and better year on year. Splash worked in close partnership with the client to reinvent the format for 2019 making recommendations to create an experience that was truly immersive. The agenda was reworked, reducing the time allocated for keynotes to allow guests to have longer exploring demonstrations and engaging with one another. Splash also suggested switching catering from a lengthy sit-down meal to a more standing networking dinner.

For 2019, Splash also introduced a change of venue, inviting guests on board the Oceandiva Original Ship. This created a fresh and exciting change of scene with outside catering delivering the finest dining experience.

Of course, moving an event that comprises of high-tech demonstrations, lots of equipment and catering from dry land to sea isn’t the easiest of tasks, but the Splash team are dedicated to creating the most spectacular and unique events possible. Therefore, Splash dealt with all logistics, shipping and suppliers, making the venue transition seamless for the client, their guests and the demonstrating partners. Splash also created an online system for guests to book transfers so they could be dropped off at the ship with ease, with the same system checking them in and off the coaches.

Working with one of the largest brands in technology also allows Splash to partner with the very best when it comes to their own solutions. This year, Splash offered guests a touchscreen registration process – where we built a customised system to work with the client’s in-house CRM system, using partner equipment to deliver the quickest and most efficient registration experience possible. Only the best will do for a room of technology experts, which is why the client trust Splash to build bespoke solutions that will integrate with their world-class technology.

The event was a huge success with guests commenting on the night how special the new, unique venue was and how they enjoyed the refreshed format. And the client was impressed too, giving a glowing reference for a job well done.

Working with Splash made the event relaxing and stress free. From selecting the perfect venue to negotiating great rates with suppliers, without Splash the event would not have been a success


We are so proud to say that the very best in the technology industry use us time and time again, not just for our event management and logistic skills, but for our ability to collaborate creatively on delivering an event that fulfils the client’s business objectives and creates an impressive and memorable experience for their guests.

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